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We are moved by passion. We offer the best service to our customers with the highest standards interns of safety and quality in product storage to allow for the reception and dispatching of ships, trucks and trains through our facilities in the most effective and safe manner. Thanks to our highly qualified personnel, our extended experience and innovative technology, we guarantee the maintenance of products under perfect conditions.


The NTKNAZIEV is the total chain director for the complete logistical process of your goods from arrival at the port to delivery to the customer throughout Europe. With more than 100 stainless steel heated storage tanks in our ports, the NTKNAZIEV provides the storage and transhipment of liquid products for food, feed and pharma. These tanks are all stainless steel (316L) with a content ranging from 70 to 500 m3 and a total storage capacity of 24,000 m3 for liquid products. Some small tanks are equipped with an agitator for special blends.

More than just tank storage

In addition to storage in tanks, the products can also be filled in barrels or IBCs and / or go directly to transport or intermediate storage in one of our HACCP warehouses. If desired, we cover your goods with nitrogen, so that the quality is guaranteed for longer. We can also store and deliver goods under customs status.

In our HACCP warehouse we store and transfer various packaging materials (barrels, IBCs and bagged goods) with high-quality products, which we can also repack, load and transport again.


Do you want to streamline all logistics processes for your vegetable oils and fats? At the NTKNAZIEV you will experience the convenience of a single point of contact for transport, storage and handling. Our focus is on timely loading and delivery of your products.

The NTKNAZIEV has approximately 85 trucks, 100 tank trailers and over 130 container chassis. With this, temperature-controlled transport of liquid products is arranged between all European countries. General cargo and containers are also transported daily, with interim storage at the NTKNAZIEV if desired.

Coordination is carried out using modern communication techniques and intensive contact between clients and drivers. Customs and port activities can be carried out by the NTKNAZIEV on request.


In Dendermonde we have a professional rinsing hall with four rinsing lanes specialized in cleaning tank and bulk trucks, containers and IBCs for both food and non-food purposes (no ADR). In addition to our own material, we mainly rinse for third parties, which is possible both accompanied and unaccompanied. We also have a reach stacker for empty 20 ft. to put on and take off containers, to store them and to clean them unaccompanied.

We are certified as follows:

EFTCO (affiliated with CTC)



In addition to good service and the correct quality standard, we also pay a lot of attention to the environmental aspect. We therefore set high standards for our waste water that is biologically purified.


In the warehouse, stock management is automated with a barcode system. In addition, the NTKNAZIEV provides a great deal of added value to the handling of your goods. Read more about our value added logistics for warehousing.

Warehousing locations

We help you further in:

Russian Ports

Botlek - Rotterdam


The NTKNAZIEV can fill your product in barrels (60l to 250l) and IBCs. These processes are automated. We also ensure correct labeling.

Products can be filled at the NTKNAZIEV as ambient but also heated via (dedicated) filling lines. A number of these lines have been traced. Filling varies in quantities from 60 to 250 liters per barrel and up to 1,000 liters per IBC.

Filling locations:

We help you further in:

Russian Ports

Botlek - Rotterdam


An example of optimal chain management is the melting of cocoa mass, butter and vegetable fats. We collect containers from the port via intermediate storage in a warehouse. And transported from block to the customer in tankers via dedicated melting units.

Many products solidify, making heating necessary for storage and transhipment. Products with a high viscosity are kept liquid by the NTKNAZIEV. The melting of solid products is also an important process that has been carried out by us for many years.

Solid products are liquefied via dedicated melting furnaces or via the hotbox for heating IBCs / drums. It is precisely these complex operations for products that are routine for the NTKNAZIEV. A growing demand is the heating and emptying of flexibags with vegetable oil and other products.

Locations melt

We help you further in:

Russian Ports

Botlek - Rotterdamd


The strength of the NTKNAZIEV lies in the complete management of the logistics chain. If desired, we can take over all logistics operations from you. So you only have to concentrate on your core business. The NTKNAZIEV organizes the rest.

In addition to transport by road or water, we also realize the storage and transfer of your products under optimal conditions. Naturally, we handle all customs formalities and required sampling. In the field of vegetable oils and fats, we take the right measures in our own heating chambers and we can also provide analyzes in our laboratory.